Due to weather, Finnair cancels some domestic flights and one Brussels flight on 08 JAN 2019


Due to expected heavy snowfall in Helsinki, some flights will be cancelled tomorrow, 8 January. Customers who are affected on these cancellations have been contacted and offered an alternative option. Finnair is doing its best to minimise the effects to its customers.

The following flights are cancelled 08 JAN2019:

  • Helsinki – Turku AY223
  • Turku -Helsinki AY224
  • Helsinki – Tampere AY265
  • Tampere- Helsinki AY266
  • Helsinki- Vaasa AY317
  • Vaasa-Helsinki AY318
  • Helsinki – Brussel AY1543
  • Brussels – Helsinki AY1544
  • Helsinki – Oulu AY439
  • Oulu- Helsinki AY440
  • Helsinki – Joensuu AY341
  • Joensuu-Helsinki AY342
  • Helsinki-Kuopio AY363
  • Kuopio -Helsinki AY364

If the rerouting option is not suitable for your travel plan, you can also apply for full refund for your unused flight ticket.

Finnair apologises for any inconvenience!



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