FedEx reaches agreement with unions to increase volumes at Liège Airport hub


FedEx confirms that it has reached an agreement with its social partners on an adjusted industrial plan for the Liège air hub. In January, FedEx proposed plans for Liège which detailed the potential impact on staff members as part of the planned integration of its airline network. Following constructive discussions, FedEx agreed on a plan that minimises these impacts while maintaining the competitiveness of its integrated air network in Europe.

The plan includes a series of measures and an increase in volumes handled at the Liège air hub, resulting in a significant reduction in potential layoffs compared to the initial plans presented in January. This will also lead to a reduction in the number of negatively affected contracts. A number of contracts will eventually see some improvement.

This agreement means that FedEx is about to finalise the information and consultation phase of the legal procedure. There are still several steps to be taken before proceeding with the planned transformation of the air network in Liège. After a summer break, FedEx will begin negotiations on the social plan with its social partners.

This plan confirms FedEx’s intention for the integrated air network in Europe and underpins the essential role that Liège will continue to play there, as announced in January. Liège will be a stable and essential part of the FedEx strategic infrastructure in Europe, now and in the future.

Liège, July 1, 2021


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