FedEx Boeing 767 freighter successfully makes emergency landing at LAX Airport


On 19 August, a FedEx Boeing 767-300 freighter (registered N146FE) operated a domestic cargo flight between New York Newark and Los Angeles (LAX), United States. When approaching LAX, however, the pilots noticed a problem with the aircraft’s main landing gear.

The pilots performed a go-around and climbed to 5,000 feet to enter a holding pattern. After consultation with air traffic control, the pilots decided to perform a (double) low approach over runway 24L where ground staff noticed that the aircraft’s left main gear wasn’t in the fully locked position.

The pilots then made an emergency landing. During that landing, the aircraft’s left main landing gear collapsed. One crew member was injured when he tried to use the cockpit’s emergency rope to exit down before the stairs arrived.

The following footage appeared on social media:


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