Boeing 747-281B of Fars Air Qeshm (EP-FAB) damaged in Doha, Qatar


On 17 March, the sole airworthy Boeing 747-281B of Fars Air Qeshm (EP-FAB) was damaged after cargo handling workers of Doha International Airport in Qatar, mistakenly unloaded the cargo from the nose of the aircraft first.

The scheduled flight arrives from Yerevan, Tehran after a flight of 2 hours and 30 minutes.

Update: Two days after this incident the Boeing 747 (reg. EP-FAB) landed safely in Tehran after 1 hour 38 minutes flight.


  1. Cargo training seems sub standard by Qatar airways. Needs to improve training. Responsible person must be sacked/undergo for further training. Incidents and accidents must shown to their employees and discuss the root cause and search facts finding solutions.

  2. Proper training required. Proper does not mean just Cargo Loading; rather familiarizing loading crew with C. G. location and C.G. shifting.

  3. As an “old-timer”, I must ask only one (1) pertinent question:
    Why wasn’t the tailpost installed??
    I remember using a tailpost on B707 cargoes, DC10 cargoes, Dc8 cargoes, etc., etc.
    It, the tailpost, was ALWAYS the very first thing to install after engine shutdown.

    PS: I’m an FAA qualified A&P, ending my career in a maintenance manager position with a major US airline.


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