Eva Air Boeing 777-300ER hit by turbulence, injuring twelve passengers and crew members


A Boeing 777-300ER of Taiwanese airline Eva Air encountered severe turbulence while flying to Chicago International Airport, a dozen passengers and crew members were lightly injured and one flight attendant was severely injured.

The aircraft, registered B-16718, was performing a flight between Taipei International and Chicago as BR56 and carried 178 passengers and 21 crew members. While flying over Japan the aircraft was hit by severe turbulence. Despite the “fasten seat belt sign” was illuminated three passengers were thrown to the ceiling, eight flight attendants who were performing the service also got slightly injured while one crew members was severely injured.

Several doctors on board took care of the wounded by providing first aid. On arrival, after thirteen hours of flight, the medical services took the wounded to the hospital for examination.

It’s unknown why the pilots decided to continue the 13-hour journey to Chicago in stead of diverting to an airport in Japan to get medical help for the severely wounded flight attendant.


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