Eurostar from Amsterdam to London will no longer require train change in Brussels from 30 April

© Kabelleger / David Gubler, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Eurostar started operating the London-Amsterdam route in 2018. However, until now, the return journey from Amsterdam required a change of train in Brussels-Midi in order to go through passport control.

From 30 April 2020, the trains will run directly from Amsterdam CS to London St Pancras, without a change of train in Brussels-Midi. Tickets will go on sale from 11 February 2020.

Passengers will be able to travel to London from Amsterdam on 30 April (with stops in Rotterdam and Brussels) and from Rotterdam on 18 May. At first, two trains a day will run, with the aim of increasing to three, and then four.

It takes just 3hrs 52 mins to get from London St. Pancras to Amsterdam Centraal, and only 3hrs 13 min to get to Rotterdam Centraal.

The train goes direct from city centre to city centre. There are no hidden charges for luggage or limits on liquids, and with a Eurostar journey from London to Amsterdam emits 80% less greenhouse gas emissions (per passenger) than the equivalent short-haul flight.


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