Engine failure on EuroAtlantic Airways Boeing 767-300; Cadiz football squad had “the scare of their life”


A bird strike in one of the engines, a fuel dump, a diversion to Seville and – most likely – some wrong or inaudible communication from the crew. The perfect ingredients for the Cadiz football team to believe their end was near. 

We thought we were going to die,” the Cádiz football players were terrified when they saw a plume of smoke shortly after takeoff. Indeed, the EuroAtlantic Airways Boeing 767-300 (registered CS-TSU) suffered a bird strike shortly after take-off from Jerez Airport, Spain prompting the pilots to enter a holding pattern to check the situation and to dump fuel to reduce the landing weight. The “plume of smoke” is in fact the fuel being dumped.

An emergency landing (note from editor: a precautionary landing) was immediately arranged, with a diversion to Seville.

We had the fright of our lives,” one of the players said, adding that: “we really thought we were going to die. We noticed a small explosion and saw that the flight crew became nervous. There was a problem with the engine, and they told us we were going to land and get off the plane as quickly as possible. Fortunately, everyone is okay. Afterwards, we were told that one or more birds had flown into an engine.”

As a result of the diversion, three incoming flights were requested to delay the landing, as explained by Spanish air traffic control.

The players were brought back to Cadiz by bus.



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