Etihad to enable pilots to fly both Airbus A350 and A380 aircraft


Etihad Airways has achieved a significant milestone in pilot training and flight operations by obtaining regulatory approvals and completing rigorous training, enabling its pilots to seamlessly operate both Airbus A350 and A380 aircraft interchangeably.

This achievement positions Etihad as one of the pioneering airlines globally to achieve such versatility in pilot capabilities. Typically, airline pilots are restricted to flying only one aircraft type, but with high similarity in flight deck and pilot procedures, and through a dedicated program known as ‘Mixed Fleet Flying’ (MFF), Etihad’s pilots are now authorised to operate both A350 and A380 aircraft.

This accomplishment enhances the resilience and flexibility of Etihad’s network and underscores the airline’s commitment to efficiency, innovation, and customer satisfaction while prioritizing safety. Etihad has previously obtained similar approvals for its pilots to interchangeably fly other aircraft types, setting new standards for fleet commonality.


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