Ethiopian Airlines opens new terminal at its Addis Ababa hub


Ethiopian expands its global hub Addis Ababa Bole International Airport and unveils its new Aviation Infrastructure blending Modernity with Bio Safety.

Ethiopian Airlines Group has successfully completed a new passenger terminal at its hub Addis Ababa Bole International Airport with emphasis on Bio Security and Bio-Safety measures.

The new terminal has check-in hall with 60 check-in counters, 30 self-check-in kiosks, 10 self-bag drop/SBD/, 16 immigration counters with more e-gate provisions, 16 central security screening areas for departing passengers are the new faces of the airport. In addition, it has three contact gates for wide-body aircraft along with 10 remote contact gates with people mover – travellator, escalator, and panoramic lifts. It will house 32 arrival immigration counters with eight e-gate provisions at the mezzanine floor level.

Regarding the expanded infrastructure, Mr. Tewolde GebreMariam, Group CEO of Ethiopian Airlines remarked, “I am very pleased to witness the realization of a brand-new terminal at our Hub. While Addis Ababa Bole International Airport has overtaken Dubai to become the largest gateway to Africa last year, the new terminal will play a key role in cementing that position. What makes the new terminal unique is that it’s the first terminal in the world to be completed after Covid-19. It was designed, not re-purposed, with Biosafety and Biosecurity in mind. I’m sure our esteemed customers will highly appreciate that.

Aviation infrastructure expansion is one of the core pillars of Ethiopian’s Vision 2025. Ethiopian is continuously working on expanding airport facilities. The features of the new airport play a key role in protecting passengers’ and employees’ safety as airport experience becomes contactless.

Addis Ababa, 25 August 2020


  1. Congratulations to ALL,
    As an Ethiopian, I’m proud to have such a shining airliner not only from African continent but, from the rest of the world.
    I believe and hope, we will be the leading airline for the coming many years if we work together hand to hand as we are doing now. No one will stops us from this dream and success.
    God bless Ethiopia with the people.

  2. I’m proud of Ethiopian Airlines.. I’m a frequent flier of ET before Covid-19..congratulations. Can’t wait to see the new airport after COVID.

  3. Ethiopian Airlines is always my best choice. During my flight times, always the flight crew make me feel as if I am at home. Thank you your wondeful hospitality & I am proud to be Ethiopian.

  4. Ethiopian Airlines is an excellent airline. Safety, punctuality, service. As a seasoned long haul traveler, whenever I can, I chose Ethiopian. Congratulations!

  5. Pleased to learn the commissing of the terminal and appreciate the hard work of the contractor , the vision of the management staff of Ethiopian Airlines and the leadership of all major actors. I always count on your knowledge , ability to project and execute it accordingly.
    Well done ET!

  6. Bella notizia!!!! Dobbiamo dimostrare al mondo che siamo capaci di fare cose nuove e utili . Prima di tutto con l’aiuto di Dio il nostro paese può arrivare sul tetto del mondo !!!!!! Dio benedica Ethiopia !!

  7. I am proud to be part of this amazingly growing company while its passing through many challenges!!

  8. Vero Bellissimisimo grazie Elias Kebede !!!
    Dio Benedica Ethiopia!
    Dio Benedica tutti noi dal primo al ultimo!
    Sono felice seremo primo al mondo se tutti fanno la loro parte. Religione è personale ma paese di tutti noi siamo fratelli e sorelle, nostro paese è grande c’e posto per tutti abbiamo tutto Dio ci a dato tutto manca solo la buona volontà. Grazie.

  9. Glad to see you are prospering but I think you should refund my cancelled flights , I am waiting g since April.



  11. I am very proud of Ethiopian Airlines. I am a frequent flier of Ethiopian Airlines. Congratulations!

  12. Go head the “NEW SPIRIT OF AFRICA” Ethiopian airline is the biggest airline in Africa I like it others African airlines they must learn from Ethiopian long live For Ethiopian Airlines my feverite airlines.

  13. Go head the “NEW SPIRIT OF AFRICA” Ethiopian airline is the biggest airline in Africa I like it others African airlines they must learn from Ethiopian long live For Ethiopian Airlines my feverite airlines.

  14. The Airline of my choice.
    Your flight attendants are friendly and very cooperative.
    The only problem is frequent changing of transit check in gates.
    Please improve on it..
    Otherwise, its Africa’s best, with no doubt.
    ( Fallen in love with your Kolo seeds…)

  15. I ‘ve to say a marvelous work and outstanding air lines ever in all aspect of development that achieved ETA.
    Moreover, i appreciate the job of all staffs and the chief of the airlines Mr. Tewolde recently to master the terouble problem of Covid-19 and stay still a live unlike other hub carriers in the world. Courageously keep Africans in move.
    God bless Ethiopia ever!!

  16. In this terrible time finish this kind of work you guys amazing.Ethiopian Airlines team members and leaders proud of you all.thank you. congratulation for all Ethiopian’s !!!For this kind marvelous work.God bless you and God bless Ethiopian. If we are Stand together more bright future ahead of us.

  17. Well done ET. You are always excelling. You have been my favorite airline for over 25 years now. I hope you now have shower facilities in lounges as this is the only area ET was lacking when compared to Emirates, Turkish and Western Airlines which I sometimes used exclusively for that reason coupled with occasional competitive pricing. I am going to fly in November and then December via Addis.

    Here I come Addis

  18. My warm congratulations to the company as it passes it’s way from a success to another. Although I’m not a frequent air traveller , yet your company grasped my admiration since the days of its 720 fleet taking me to Ghana in the seventies while studying there. Still I spare no chance to take your renewed and up to date fleet whenever it is possible. Best of luck..

  19. Very disappointed when I was in transit to Mumbai on 6th November. My wife had confirmed bookings for wheelchair from Lusaka up to Mumbai but were not provided one for either of us when we landed at Bole. We were told all sorts of stories that there were no wheekchairs ( this was a lie) as there were quite a few of them lying idle in the long corridor we had to traverse for our onward connection), there was no one to push the wheelchairs!! And that someone would come. We waited for about 10 minutes but to no avail and had to walk with quite a few resting stops inbetween. I am 65yrs and the wife 58yrs , both with walking difficulties. At Mumbai airport, we had no issues. So, a brand new airport or not, wheelchair services leave much to be desired


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