Ethiopian Airlines aeroplane lands in Asmara (Eritrea) after 20 years


Ethiopian Airlines is very pleased to land in Asmara, neighbouring Eritrea, in VVIP flight led by H.E. Dr. Abiy Ahmed, Prime Minister of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia.

While Ethiopian Airlines celebrates this beautiful day in history, it wishes the best of sustainable peace, friendship and prosperity to both the Eritrean and Ethiopian peoples.

Ethiopian Airlines is looking forward not only to connect Eritrea with Ethiopia but also to connect Eritrea with more than 114 international destinations in 5 continents with modern aeroplanes.

Historical reminder

Following the UN General Assembly decision in 1952,[15] Eritrea was “federated” with Ethiopia against the expressed wishes of its people. Furthermore, in 1962, the government of Ethiopia annulled the Eritrean parliament and formally annexed Eritrea.

Eritreans in 1960 organised the Eritrean Liberation Front in opposition. In 1991, after 30 years of continuous armed struggle for independence – “the long struggle”, the Eritrean liberation fighters entered the capital city, Asmara, in victory.




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