ERA promotes its ongoing work on aviation safety


As part of its ongoing work on aviation safety, the European Regions Airline Association’s (ERA) Air Safety Group publishes safety advice for pilots and operators through its Safety Targeted Awareness Reports (STARs).

  • ERA has published a promotional document explaining the background and use of its STARs, which provides detailed information on the reports, who should use them and the safety topics they cover.

Ensuring the highest levels of safety for its members and the wider industry remains one of ERA’s main priorities and the publication of these STARs is a key part of ERA’s work in this area. Produced by ERA’s Air Safety Group, the STARs cover a range of topics, including ground and in-flight operations, crew procedures, weather and security.

There are currently over 20 published STARs, with an additional two due to be published by the end of the year. Members (and the wider industry) can view, download and print the reports directly from ERA’s website:

The STARs guidance document is also available to view and download on ERA’s website on the following page:

ERA head office, UK, 6 July 2017


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