Emirates proactively responds to the severe weather conditions in the UAE

Passengers wait for their flights at the Dubai International Airport in Dubai on April 17, 2024. Dubai’s major international airport diverted scores of incoming flights on April 16 as heavy rains lashed the United Arab Emirates, causing widespread flooding around the desert country. Dubai, the Middle East’s financial centre, has been paralysed by the torrential rain that caused floods across the UAE and Bahrain and left 18 dead in Oman on April 14 and 15. (Photo by AFP)

As heavy rain, thunderstorms, and hail batter the United Arab Emirates, disrupting normal life and travel plans, Emirates Airline has taken proactive steps to manage the situation. With the National Center of Meteorology (NCM) issuing a red alert due to intensified cloud cover, Emirates responded amidst the challenging weather conditions.

The severe weather, forecasted to persist until Wednesday morning, has led to the diversion of several flights bound for Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The airline has temporarily suspended check-in operations for departing passengers at Dubai International Airport from 8:00 am on April 17 until midnight (local time). Driven by operational challenges arising from the adverse weather and road conditions, the decision was taken.

Passengers arriving in Dubai and those already in transit will continue to be processed for their flights, albeit with anticipated delays in departures and arrivals. Emirates advises affected customers to stay updated on the latest flight schedules through the airline’s official channels, including the Emirates website and flight status portal.

Emirates has extended its support to affected customers, facilitating rebookings and providing assistance through designated channels. Passengers are urged to contact their booking agents or visit the Emirates support website for rebooking inquiries. Additionally, the airline encourages passengers requiring further assistance to reach out via direct message on social media platforms.

Emirates advises Dubai-based travelers with flights scheduled for April 17 to refrain from heading to Dubai International Airport, where check-in remains suspended for all flights. The airline reassures passengers that restoration of scheduled operations is underway, with dedicated teams working diligently to minimize disruptions and ensure a seamless travel experience once conditions improve.


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