Passenger who was denied boarding after showing up late for her Emirates flight, attacks check-in agent


A passenger who was denied boarding attacked the airport staffer representing the airline. The female passenger wanted to check-in for an Emirates flight between Mexico City, Mexico and Barcelona, Spain but showed up late. Worse, she used an expired passport for her travel. 

The video (see below), dated 1 November, show the angry passenger jumping over the check-in desk and attacking the Emirates employee. She then started throwing several objects, like a suitcase, computer equipment and other items.

She continued her tantrum by standing up to check-in counter and began yelling to other passengers.

We can confirm that on November 1, an incident occurred at the check-in counter at Mexico City International Airport, in which a passenger who arrived late at the check-in counter was also discovered to be traveling with an expired passport,” Emirates said in a media statement.



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