Novak Djokovic leaves Australia on board Emirates Airline Boeing 777

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Novak Djokovic’s dramatic 11-day trip to Australia has come to an end. World’s number 1 departed Melbourne Tullamarine Airport destination Dubai, United Arab Emirates on board an Emirates Airline Boeing 777 (registered A6-ECV).

On 4 January, Djokovic entered Australia with a “medical exemption” ahead of the Australian Open but was forced to spend three days in an immigration detention in a hotel in Melbourne after his visa was revoked.

Djokovic was hopeful to play and win his record-breaking 10th Aussie open title, but Australian minister Alex Hawke cancelled his visa. Djokovic has been described as a risk to “civil unrest” and a “talisman of anti-vaccination sentiment”.

During a hearing in federal court, the judge determined that the minister acted reasonably in rescinding Djokovic’s visa.

Being an inadmissible passenger, Djokovic was forced to fly the airline he entered into Australia: Emirates Airline. After landing in Dubai, he will – most likely – continue his journey to his home country Serbia.

Djokovic with a picture on Instagram in better times, just before his departure to Australia.


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  1. This bum, and others all about me, me, me.
    This bum got a team that this bum pays a lot – lawyers, health experts, coaches, travel agents, etc. He probably spends $25,000 to $30,000 a day on his team.
    None of these highly paid staff could explain to this bum the rules of Australia?
    Him, and his team made AU all about him, instead of the event.
    Get out and stay out bum.
    3, 2, 1 anti-vaxxers….

  2. purely political decision… mixing politics in sport is awful, shame on autoritarian australian dictatorship government

  3. @Bubba : Not sure you know what a bum is. But I like your assumptions. To assume is to make an Ass of U and Me 🙂


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