Emirates first airline to operate Airbus A380 with 100% SAF


Emirates made history by operating the first Airbus A380 demonstration flight entirely on Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF). This flight, with one engine powered by 100% SAF, showcased SAF’s potential as a direct replacement for traditional jet fuel. SAF has the potential to significantly reduce carbon emissions compared to regular jet fuel.

This demonstration flight, a collaboration involving various industry experts and organisations, emphasises the viability and compatibility of SAF in aircraft systems. Although commercial flights currently use SAF up to a 50% blend limit, this flight sets the stage for potential widespread adoption of 100% SAF in the future.

The SAF used in this flight closely mimicked conventional jet fuel and was deemed compatible with the A380’s existing systems. The flight’s success indicates SAF’s safety and reliability as an alternative fuel source. The collaboration involved entities like Airbus, Engine Alliance, Pratt & Whitney, Neste, Virent, and ENOC.

Emirates aims to pioneer the use of SAF in aviation, contributing to lower carbon emissions. They’ve previously conducted a successful SAF-powered flight in a Boeing 777-300ER and have partnerships to increase SAF usage from various airports. Additionally, Emirates actively participates in industry and government initiatives to support the production and supply of SAF.

This milestone flight signifies a significant step towards reducing the aviation industry’s carbon footprint and aligns with efforts to achieve net-zero emissions in aviation by 2050.

Video: https://www.emirates.com/media-centre/vnr-emirates-a380-100-saf-demonstration-flight/


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