Emirates A380 diverted to Larnaca after birth of a baby on board #EK75


An Emirates Airbus A380 (reg. A6-EOG) en route to Paris from Dubai (EK75) was diverted to Larnaca airport because a French woman on board had gone into labour, the Cyprus News Agency reported on Friday.

The pilot had received permission to land the plane in Larnaca, but the woman had already given birth upon landing.

At around 7pm, the woman, her husband, and their two children were taken by ambulance to the Larnaca general hospital, where mother and baby were admitted for observation.

Another French woman on board had suffered an epileptic seizure and was forced to disembark with her husband.

Larnaca airport ground-handling staff received the passengers’ luggage, and the plane resumed its flight to Paris at around 10:15pm.

Flightradar: https://www.flightradar24.com/data/flights/ek75#d5ddaf7

source/ Cyprus News Agency


  1. Sorry to say this but I am a pensioner, and always flown Emirates since 1985, I want to change my ticket to the UK because of family illness in our family, I find out to change my flight is 300 .GBP I really don’t know how they come to that priceI can go and buy a ticket for that amount. I mean if their is seats available what’s the problem, if not they should say no availability. I was a Hostess in my early days with P and O we changed tickets for free…OK Some charge….please don’t tell me to change airline, but I couldn’t get my head around that price.


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