Americans furious over Emirates’ fifth freedom flight from Dubai to Newark via Athens


In response to Emirates’ planned fifth freedom route from Dubai to Newark through Athens, the Partnership for Open & Fair Skies issued the following statement:

“By flagrantly violating its Open Skies agreement with the United States at the start of the Trump administration, Emirates is throwing down the gauntlet,” said Jill Zuckman, chief spokesperson for the Partnership for Open & Fair Skies. “We look forward to working with President Trump and his team to enforce these agreements and protect American jobs – something that the Obama administration failed to do.”

The Partnership for Open & Fair Skies has documented over $50 billion in government subsidies received by Emirates, Etihad Airways and Qatar Airways from their Gulf state owners, in violation of Open Skies agreements. The subsidies harm the U.S. aviation industry and hard-working Americans. In fact, for every international flight that U.S. airlines are forced to close due to subsidy-fueled Gulf carrier expansion, economists estimate that over 1,500 American jobs are lost.


  1. The US/EU carriers instead of complaining they should try to improve their services on the ground and inflight!! Alternative they can switch to low cost carries !

    I think they forget that there are still passengers out there that would like to be treat like a passengers and not feel like being in a “flying buss”. Even if Gulf carries get any benefit, they invest back to the external customers….! We should not downgrade all the airlines worldwide because some airlinesta do not want I change! First victim of the cost cuts is the passenger!!!
    Maybe is time for a change !


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