Emergency stop of an Omni Air Boeing 767-300 at Shannon airport

Omni Air Boeing 767 © Carlos Vaz on Wikimedia

On 15 August, a Boeing 767-300 registered N378X operated by Omni Air International had to be stopped before departure at Shannon on the continuation of flight OY531.

The aircraft, owned by Omni Air International and carrying US troops had to abort take-off due to fire and smoke at the left-side landing gear, noticed by air traffic controllers at Shannon Airport during taxiing along the runway. The crew had reported a problem with the brakes of the left main gear.

The passengers have been safely evacuated via right-hand emergency slides and the operations at Shannon’s single runway have been interrupted since the incident. Emergency services responded and extinguished the fire quickly.

No injuries were reported.

The crew was forced already to abort an earlier take-off because of an open window in the cockpit.

The aircraft had arrived earlier on flight OY531 from Oklahoma City to Shannon.


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