EL AL: New trading model for European destinations


The new model for the European destinations is based on 3 different family branded fares:

Classic, Flex , Lite

The new model will also include UP`s 5 destinations: Larnaca, Kiev, Budapest, Prague and Berlin

The sale of new products to Europe will start on April 30, 2018, for flights departing as of October 15, 2018.

Moreover, EL AL 737-800 aircraft flying to Europe will offer a new, gradually implemented, seating configuration; Economy Class seats will be replaced by new, comfortable slim seats, Business Class seats will also be replaced and a USB socket will be installed in each seat (in all classes of service). In addition, EL AL’s 737 aircraft will introduce a gradually implemented innovative Internet service onboard that will enable passengers to enjoy wifi during the flight.

The new configuration of EL AL`s aircraft will be completed during 2019

David Maimon, President & CEO of EL AL:

“EL AL continues to innovate while adapting to the growing competition on flights to Europe, both among leisure and business travelers. Among leisure travelers, price is now a critical factor. At the same time, the business passengers is interested in products that offer maximum flexibility, schedules that are best-suited for business activities, business class service and more.

Today, we are launching a new pricing model to all of EL AL’s European destinations for Economy Class product, while maintaining the highest standards. The new model will allow EL AL passengers to fly at attractive prices and choose, with complete transparency, the flight package that best suits their needs. The Business Class offering will not change.”

The model will enable EL AL to address consumer preferences that include numerous considerations. As part of the model, each customer will be able to decide on their preferred way to fly EL AL to European destinations and purchase the best, cost-effective product. Passengers will be offered three types of options at different price levels:

Lite, Classic, Flex

With the success of the UP brand, which changed the leisure consumers` preferences on the flights to Larnaca, Kiev, Budapest, Prague and Berlin, it was decided to optimize work processes and unify European destinations in order to offer a uniform product under the EL AL brand.

– Lite – a new product at EL AL! The basic flight ticket includes one carry-on and food and beverages service; additional paid services including checked-in baggage and seating may be added;

– Cla​ssic – includes one carry-on, seating, food and beverages and one checked-in baggage;

– Flex – enabling maximum flexibility (unlimited changes + cancellation) for all Economy Class booking classes (not only higher booking classes); the ticket includes a variety of services: 2 carry-on bags, expanded seating options (including preferred seats), food and beverages , checked-in baggage and additional services that will be introduced in the future.



  1. we flew EL AL from London to Israel in March and it sucked!
    777 on the way in, my neighbor’s armrest fell off, the plane was at least 15 years old.
    747 on the way back to London, my wife’s seat got stuck in the reclined position. The plane was as old, possibly even older than the first one. Ventilation on the ground was nonexistent, the heat was unbearable.
    I gave them my business to them first and possibly last time


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