The Dreamliner Aircraft Arrive in Israel


A new line of Dreamliner aircraft, manufactured by the Boeing Corporation, was acquired by EL AL to create a new level of flight experience.

In order to create a flight experience of international standards, EL AL partnered with PriestmanGoode, one of the leading international design companies specializing in aircraft design and customer experience, to design the new line of the Dreamliner aircraft. Two aircraft will be phased in this year, while an additional 14 aircraft will gradually be phased in by 2020.

EL AL`s Development Team joined PriestmanGoode on a research trip throughout Israel, exploring the architecture, history, human landscape, conversation, tastes, business culture and vibrant, diverse leisure culture. The thing that stood out to the designers was the unique combination of old and new that characterizes Israel, and a sense of simplicity that characterizes life in Israel. Israelis do not like pretentiousness or an overly formal feeling; they look for warmth and domesticity, values well expressed in the new aircraft design.

The design team was impressed by the Israeli architecture and the interplay between light and shade, as reflected in landmarks along Israel’s physical landscape, and implemented it in the leading diamond motive, conveying a sense of luxury and elegance. ​

Business Class – Luxury and Comfort

The new Business Class onboard the Dreamliner was designed in rich tones of wood, chocolate and champagne, which redefines the concept of luxury – with maximum comfort and privacy. The seats were manufactured using advanced technology, with ergonomic seat cushions for maximum neck and back support throughout the flight.

With a click of a button, the seats open to a full-flat bed, two-meters in length. The unique seating environment provides maximum privacy. Passengers seated by the window will enjoy a single seat and maximum privacy; passengers seated in double seats can shift the divider and create a private island of privacy in the skies. Spacious personal storage ensures personal items are stored comfortably and within reach.

The Business Class menu offers a variety of meals made of the best ingredients, suited for both Israeli and international tastes, offering a selection of main courses served personally, at passengers` preferred time. Passengers can choose an all-inclusive serving (express service), or order a light meal. Light snacks are served between meals, in addition to a variety of alcoholic beverages and wines from the best Israeli wineries.

Premium Economy: The New Way to Fly​​

The Premium Economy Class is a new class onboard the EL AL aircraft. You are invited to experience the new premium experience in the skies, an intimate service class offering wider, more spacious premium seats, larger screens and luxurious, personal premium service.

Premium Economy Class is separated from the Economy Class by a curtain and divider, providing guests maximum privacy. Spacious, wide ergonomic seats, 96 cm legroom and a dedicated footrest ensure comfortable seating. Storage space at the back of the seat in front of the passenger complements spacious upper storage space, ensuring that personal belongings are stored comfortably and within reach.

Premium Economy passengers will enjoy a dedicated service and a rich menu, served in luxurious porcelain dishes and a variety of alcoholic drinks.

Economy Class: An Advanced Flight Experience

The cabin space was designed according to the new design language and reflects the exceptional flight experience EL AL wishes to deliver its customers.

Economy Class offers maximum convenience: ergonomic seats, designed for long-haul flights; The seat is equipped with an adjustable headrest, offering six modes, for maximum comfort throughout the flight; and larger, more spacious upper storage space, 30% larger compared to other passenger aircraft in the industry.

The Dreamliner aircraft are equipped with extra-large windows, allowing passengers to view the scenery comfortably from any seat. Advanced electronic mechanism, creating dimming and shading with a click of a button enables passengers to control the amount of light coming from outside and choose between full or partial shading. Dynamic LED lighting completes the flight experience; it changes from time to time, complementing all flight phases and the nature of service, surrounding the passengers with pleasant, relaxing atmosphere.​ ​​


A World of Content

In addition to a contemporary look, the Dreamliner aircraft offer diverse content. A touch screen for each seat and AVOD entertainment system by Panasonic offer a wide selection of content: 150 films, 100 American TV series episodes, 250 Israeli TV series episodes, 200 music albums and a variety of games, audio books and tour guides, providing tips and important information about flight destinations.

In addition, the system offers lectures, lessons, daily Torah study page and music for the Jewish traditional audience, as well as designated flight applications, including: Interactive 3D flight route map, enabling navigation on a world map, including useful information and attractions in numerous destinations; Seat Chat: A dedicated chat application, allowing chat with other passengers; Air Reader: A newspaper/magazine application enabling reading in a friendly digital format.

All passengers enjoy power connections and sockets for maximum comfort: electric and USB sockets for charging personal computers, tablets and smartphones, in addition to Internet service that will be offered shortly – all will enable passengers to stay connected throughout the flight.​



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