[Coronavirus] Egypt suspends air traffic in all its airports, except for domestic and cargo flights


In light of the of Egypt Government’s keenness to maintain the safety and health of Egyptian citizens and limit the spread of Covid-19, and based on the Prime Minister decree issued today, air traffic is to be suspended in all Egyptian airports starting next Thursday, March 19, at 12:00 until March 31.

H.E. pilot, Mohamed Manar, Minister of Civil Aviation, convened with Pilot Montaser Mannaa, Deputy Minister of Civil Aviation and CEOs of all companies and bodies affiliated to the Ministry of Civil Aviation.

During the meeting, the Minister gave his directives to quickly provide all the necessary facilities for the travel of Egyptians and foreigners to and from Egypt before suspending air transport movement at Egyptian airports.

He highlighted that Egyptair, Egyptian private airlines, and foreign airlines are to continue operating their international flights to accommodate passengers desire to travel to and from Egyptian airports before the specified date. 

He stressed that all tickets booked in this period should be exempted from any fines in the event of refunding or changing the tickets. With regard to the tourist groups currently in Egypt, the Minister assured that tourist programmes will be completed and tourists will leave on their booked charter flights. Such flights shall not bring new tourist groups.

He added that Egypt National Airspace is not closed. In order not to harm the interests of Egyptian citizens, the decision to suspend air traffic does not include domestic flights and cargo flights.

H.E. Pilot Mohamed Manar also stressed that coordination and cooperation shall continue with all appropriate authorities in Egypt to monitor developments of Covid-19 and its impact on the safety and security of civil aviation. He added that during the period of suspension, all Egyptian airports and vital installations in the civil aviation sector will be disinfected.

The Minister of Civil Aviation indicated that EgyptAir, Egypt flag carrier, in coordination with the relevant authorities, will continue the process of evacuating Egyptian citizens intensively during the coming days before the suspension of flights and at the same time facilitating the return of foreign tourists to their countries after the end of their tourism programme.

The Ministry of Civil Aviation calls on all traveller to follow-up and communicate with their airlines to change and reschedule their flights and ensure their safe return to their countries without any delay that might jeopardies their commitments.


  1. I am a Travel Agent, I have 6 passengers scheduled to travel from JFK to Cairo on
    Nov. 15, 2020 & return from Cairo to JFK on Nov. 27, 2020. They have purchased Business Class tickets, Will they be able to get a refund? What will the Egypt Air
    penalty be? They were all going on a Viking Nile River Cruise.
    They are all Seniors & do not feel they should travel in November,
    Please advise.
    Thank you Jeanne Middleton
    Fort Hill Travel, Inc.


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