With easyJet from Berlin to Gdansk, Seville and Dubrovnik


Gdansk returns in the flight plan from Berlin. The Polish port city will be flown to by easyJet from the beginning of the summer fight plan. From the 2nd of April, flights go from Berlin Tegel to the Baltic coast in Poland on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

Likewise new in the summer flight plan from easyJet is Dubrovnik. To the Croatian holiday destination on the Adriatic Sea, flights go from TXL every Monday, Thursday and Saturday, starting 1st of April. Already from the 31st of March, the airline flies twice weekly from Schönefeld to Seville. The capital city of the southern Spanish region Andalusia is flown to every Thursday and Sunday.

Gdansk – The “golden city”


The old trading and Hanseatic city Gdansk enchants with its beautiful traditional brick architecture and restored old city. Gdansk is also known as the “Golden City” because it is the world capital of amber. In the old city, there is a number of galleries and shops which sell the gold of the Baltic Sea. Already over 7000 years ago, the old Greeks and Romans searched in this region for the precious commodity to which one can trace in the Amber Museum. The must-see from Gdansk is located in a historical building complex, previously the city prison. Here, over several floors, visitors get a deep glance into the history, the trade routes and the processing of amber. Whoever wants to discover some of their own can go to one of the many beaches of the Polish port city on the Baltic coast.

Flamenco in Seville and the Gem of the Adriatic Dubrovnik

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Seville is one of the places of origin of Flamenco. The fiery dance stands as a symbol for the vibrant nightlife of the city. For direct contact with the dance, come to the Museo del Baile Flamenco, Seville. An interactive exhibition introduces the visitors to the magical world of Flamenco. Daily Flamenco performances also take place.

A true paradise for Strollers is the gem of the Adriatic, Dubrovnik. One should not miss a walk on the 25-metre high old city wall. Varied, meandering, up and down the stairs – the round walk of the kilometre-long wall is varied. The view? Beautiful and simply priceless.



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