easyJet responds to criticism after photo of a seat without backrest

Photo by Matthew Harris on Twitter

easyJet got a lot of criticism on social media and in the British press because of a photo on Twitter showing a passenger who is sitting on a seat without a backrest, next to another backless seat, when boarding flight U2 2051 from London Luton to Geneva operated by Airbus A319 registered G-EZBV.

The image went viral on social media, drawing an immediate response from easyJet.

According to the low-cost airline, criticism is unwarranted: easyJet says that no one has been seated in the seat during the flight. The woman in the picture was taken to another seat immediately after boarding.

The depicted seats were, according to the company, about to be repaired. “No passengers were permitted to sit in these seats as they were inoperative awaiting repair. Safety is our top priority,” said the airline.


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