An easyJet plane evacuated in Paris … because a scorpion was wandering on board


A scorpion (yes, a scorpion) was found yesterday aboard an EasyJet flight in Paris. The aircraft was immediately evacuated before fumigation. The passengers who were to take off yesterday afternoon to Glasgow in Scotland are currently staying in hotels in the French capital.

This bug straight out of hell was found on board an EasyJet plane that was scheduled to fly Monday from Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle airport to Glasgow in Scotland.

It was a passenger who noticed it wandering around the seats and immediately alerted the entire staff. The aircraft was evacuated and the flight delayed. One of the travellers, Graham McKinnon, deplores in The Guardian that he was informed only via the EasyJet application. “At first the flight was delayed at 4 pm, thereafter 7 pm, 8 pm,” he said.

Fumigation before the next flight

Soon thereafter, the British company announced on its website that it offered one hotel night to all passengers. “The safety and comfort of our passengers and our crew are always our top priority, so, as a precaution, the plane will be fumigated before its next flight,” it apologised.

Meanwhile, the travellers were supposed to take off at 2 pm and are still stuck in Paris. A real nightmare.

Not the first time

The worst thing is that this is not the first time such a story has occurred. Last April, a Canadian traveller was stung by a scorpion that had fallen on his head. It was on a United Airlines flight from Houston to Calgary, Canada.

Source: Newsmonkey


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