easyJet expands its base and network at Manchester Airport

  • easyJet will add a 21st aircraft to its Manchester base and launch a new beach route to Murcia in South East Spain for this summer
  • The aircraft’s arrival will create around 40 local job opportunities at the airport
  • The new Airbus A320neo aircraft brings significant improvements in environmental and operational efficiencies compared to the previous generation of aircraft
  • Flights will launch on 2nd May 2023 and will operate twice weekly on Tuesdays and Saturdays, with seats on sale from 7th December
  • Results of a survey revealed by the airline today show that 64% of Brits plan to fly abroad in 2023 and protecting holiday spending remains a priority for most as 70% will prioritise a holiday over other expenditure in their yearly budget
  • To protect their holidays next year, people will book with a low-cost carrier (66%), be flying short-haul instead of long haul (74%) and travel to closer-to-home destinations in Europe (70%)

easyJet has revealed its plans for expansion at Manchester today, announcing that an additional Airbus A320 family aircraft will be based at the airport from May. The airline will also launch a new summer route between Manchester and Murcia in South-East Spain.

The 186-seat A320neo aircraft will be based in Manchester from May and operate throughout the summer season. It becomes the 21st Airbus family easyJet aircraft based at the airport, which now includes a total of six A320neo aircraft.

Compared to the current generation of aircraft, the NEO brings significant improvements in terms of environmental and operational efficiencies: up to 15% less fuel consumption and therefore less CO2 emissions, and 50% less noise during take-off and landing. easyJet is the largest single-brand operator of NEOs in Europe.

The addition of the new aircraft will also create around 40 local job opportunities at the airport and is a clear symbol of the airline’s commitment to the airport. Across the last year, easyJet has added 16 new routes and now offers customers a total of 77 routes to choose from.

The new route between Manchester and Murcia in Spain is scheduled to launch on 2 May 2023, with twice weekly departures on Tuesdays and Saturdays, offering customers in Manchester even more choice when it comes to choosing a beach holiday destination. Seats go on sale at easyJet.com and via the mobile app from 7th December.

The airline has also revealed the results of a survey of 2000 British consumers today, which has shown that almost two-thirds (64%) are planning on flying abroad in 2023. Holidays topped the list of most important things people planned to spend on in 2023, with two-thirds (66%) saying this was the most important.

70% of people surveyed agreed that they will prioritise a holiday over other expenditures in their yearly budget and three quarters said it was one of their most important plans for next year. To prioritise their holiday, people will be cutting back on other discretionary spending like eating out (46%) or new clothes (40%) and on big purchases such as new cars or home improvements (33%).

Consumers are also looking at the way they holiday to prioritise a holiday, with two-thirds of people saying they will be booking with a low-cost carrier (66%), while three-quarters of people will fly short haul instead long haul (74%) and holiday in closer to home destinations in Europe (70%) to protect their holidays. The majority (80%) also believed that holidaying in the UK can be more expensive.

Around half of the respondents said they still plan to go on the same number of holidays that they usually plan for and spend the same amount, while around a quarter of people plan to go on more and spend more on holidays compared to last year. Half of Brits are planning on taking at least one holiday in 2023, while almost a third will take at least two.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, almost all surveyed (94%) agreed that going away on holiday is one of the most enjoyable experiences. 86% said having a holiday is a priority for them, with 57% saying this is because of the quality time it allows them to spend with friends and family and the opportunity it provides to recharge (48%), while the significant majority of people (83%) said holidays are crucial to their emotional wellbeing.

Ali Gayward, easyJet’s UK Country Manager, said:

“I am delighted to be announcing our plans for expansion at Manchester airport today. The addition of another aircraft will help us to deliver growth in Manchester and offer customers an even wider range of destinations, like our new summer route to Murcia in Spain, which will provide our customers in the North West with a direct connection to a region which offers a variety of rich culture and beautiful beaches in abundance, all with low fares and great customer service.

“We know that holidays are important to people, not only does travelling connect friends and family but it offers a wealth of benefits, from promoting wellbeing to experiencing new cultures. The results of our survey revealed today just go to show what a priority it is for people, with so many determined to protect their holidays. With our low fares and unrivalled European network, easyJet is ideally placed to offer a fantastic value and great quality holiday that people don’t have to compromise on. It is fantastic to see that so many consumers plan to travel next year already, and we look forward to welcoming them onboard.”

Manchester Airport Managing Director Chris Woodroofe said:

“We are pleased to see easyJet expanding its base here, having significantly increased the number of destinations it flies to from Manchester over the past year.

“It is also exciting to see the introduction of a Murcia service, which I am sure will be hugely popular with passengers this summer.”

For over 15 years easyJet has had a base at Manchester and since then has flown over 25 million passengers to and from the airport. Today, easyJet is the second largest airline in Manchester and operates 77 routes in the UK, Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.

November 29, 2022



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