[E-mail scam] easyJet is giving away two free tickets

Beware of a new e-mail scam. I recently received this e-mail, where easyJet would promise me two free tickets. Caution with such mails is required, because airlines do not just give away free tickets. In three steps Aviation24.be will explain how to check if a mail is genuine or not.

Check the mailadress

This mail was sent by hakon@lentpockets.com, if the mail address is not directly linked to easyJet just throw the mail in the waste bin!

It’s easyJet not Easyjet

Check for correct spelling and usage of the brand name, in this mail they refer to Easyjet but the correct use of the brand name is easyJet. (in the past scammers used Brussel Airline, Brussels Airline and Ryan Air)

Check for wrong spelling

The text – in this case in Dutch- is badly written, at the end of the mail you can click on a link to unsubscribe but that text is written in German.

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