easyJet to discontinue flights between Brussels Airport and Bordeaux/Naples from Winter 2017-2018


From winter season 2017-2018 low-cost airline easyJet will no longer connect Brussels Airport with Bordeaux and Naples .

Luchtzak.be forum member Poiu recently received an e-mail from easyJet with additional information about the cancelled bi-weekly services* between Brussels and Bordeaux/Naples.

Not only easyJet is reducing flights from Brussels, last month luchtzak.be announced that from next winter season Ryanair will offer 23% less flights at Brussels Airport: 139 weekly flights in stead of the current 181 weekly flights. Flights to Hamburg and Grenoble are removed from the schedule while the 3 weekly flights to Mallorca are moved to Charleroi Brussels South. (Ryanair continues to reduce flights at Brussels Airport from winter 2017-2018)

Forum discussion: http://www.luchtzak.be/forums/viewtopic.php?p=350271#p350271

* based on google flight schedules


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