Now you can send a package to the moon with the DHL MoonBox™

Astrobotic, the company that wants to make high-capability space missions available for a broad spectrum of business, scientific and social applications is now accepting small mementos for inclusion on its first mission to the Moon. These keepsakes will be stored on the Moon for centuries to come.

The space company is now teaming up with DHL and they have created the DHL MoonBox™.

This is your unique opportunity to commemorate your graduation, holiday, wedding, child’s birth, or loved one’s memory with a lasting symbol we will carry on our lunar lander. Life’s most meaningful moments can be forever linked with the Moon in the night sky.

The freight rate is rather high, the current “space rate” is $1.2M per kilo.

A 5 step plan has been created to send your package:

Step 1: order your space – select the moon capsule that’s just right for you

The Moon Capsule protects your keepsake in flight and on the lunar surface. All of the Moon Capsules on a flight will be integrated into a single Moon Pod on the Peregrine lunar lander.

Select the size of Moon Capsule that is just right for your item on the MoonBox Kit order page.

Remember that no hazardous materials or volatile items can be sent as MoonBox!

Step 2: get your moon box kit – in 5-8 weeks, you will receive your MoonBox™ kit, the kit contains:

  • Container to mail your item
  • Prepaid postage to send the container with your item to Astrobotic
  • Mailing instructions
  • Item Declaration Form
  • Mission certificate
  • Map of the landing site on the Moon

Step 3: send us your item – Astrobotic integrates your keepsake into the moon pod

Place your keepsake in the container with prepaid postage and mail it back to Astrobotic, where your item will be placed in its Moon Capsule and integrated into the Moon Pod on the lunar lander.

As your item is placed into the Moon Capsule for flight, we’ll take a high-resolution photo of its integration on its way to the lunar surface and send it you.

Step 4 – follow the regular mission updates – Astrobotic keeps you up to date on mission status

As an official MoonBox™ participant, Astrobotic will provide you insider updates on mission progress leading up to launch.

After launch, we’ll also provide you mission status updates on spacecraft deployment from the launch vehicle, lunar orbit insertion, descent to the surface, and the Moon landing.

Step 5: your package is delivered to the lunar surface – Astrobotic sends you a photo of the poon pod on the lunar surface

After the Moon landing, MoonBox™ participants will receive images and videos of the Moon Pod on the Moon, attached to Astrobotic’s lander.

These photos will be the official record of your permanent commemoration on the Moon. They can be shared with countless generations to come to tell your connection with the Moon forever.



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