Two passengers and their dog exit moving Delta plane through emergency slide at New York LaGuardia


Two passengers aboard a Delta Air Lines flight on Monday opened the cabin door and exited the plane via an emergency slide at New York’s LaGuardia Airport, airline officials said.

The passengers — an unidentified man, and woman — were on flight DL462, an Airbus A321 registered N357DN which was bound for Atlanta when they exited the plane as it was taxiing. They have taken their large service dog with them down the slide.

Another passenger on the flight told the New York Times that he saw the pair and their dog change seats several times as the aircraft was preparing to leave. He added that the man stood up as the plane began moving and ignored a flight attendant’s order to sit down.

The two passengers were taken into custody.

The incident forced the plane to return to the gate, where the passengers got off and were put on other flights, according to NBC New York. They arrived in Atlanta with a delay of 9 hours.


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