Delta Air Lines releases video to educate employees on Gulf carrier subsidies

To explain the threat subsidized state-owned Gulf carriers pose to Delta, the U.S. aviation industry and millions of jobs, the airline produced for its employees a ​video featuring the perspectives of Delta employees and executives, as well as experts in trade, economics and aviation.

The film is the latest effort in the airline’s campaign to urge government officials in Washington to level the playing field for U.S. airlines and enforce Open Skies agreements with the United Arab Emirates and Qatar. Dozens of frontline Delta employees have visited Washington, D.C., over the past few months to call on Congress to act; leaders from a number of states have sent letters urging the Trump administration to enforce those agreements.

Delta is among a number of airlines and labor unions comprising the Partnership for Open & Fair Skies, which has claimed that Emirates Airline, Etihad Airways and Qatar Airways receive billions of dollars in subsidies from their governments every year – more than $50 billion since 2004 – which they’ve used to rapidly expand their fleets and global operations regardless of profitability. The subsidies harm the U.S. aviation industry and hard-working Americans. In fact, for every international flight that U.S. airlines are forced to close due to subsidy-fueled Gulf carrier expansion, economists estimate that over 1,500 American jobs are lost.

Delta Air Lines opened a website so you can join them in asking the U.S. government to take action:


  1. On the other hand, the three Gulf carriers buy each year for billions of dollars of U.S. aircraft, thereby supporting thousands of American jobs. Which is best for America?

  2. And what about the illegal flight, within Europe, that the cargo carriers make each day??
    The European community is not doing anything about this and the US carriers are acting like their nose is bleeding…

  3. I can’t stop laughing! The guy in ATL said “I see Qatar plane every day, it is always empty”, so how then Qatar Airways steals seats and jobs then? hahaha… Oh, what about jobs these airline creating in US…what about jobs in Boeing to produce hundreds of planes for these airlines?

  4. Americans are lucky. flying within Canada can cost a small fortune. It’s especially jarring when we see the insanely low prices that are available to our American neighbors on budget airlines like Spirit and Southwest. In a lot of cases, it’s even cheaper to fly from Canada to foreign destinations like Hawaii or Las Vegas than it is to hop on a plane and fly to a nearby Canadian city.

  5. Let them fix their planes and offer better services rather than hitting and kicking/offloading passengers outside the aircraft!!!! Learn from the success of others!!

  6. They dont see all the boeing 777 aircraft are purchased which created American jobs. They offer services that the American airlines took away to give profits to shareholders. Knowing people have to fly and took advantage to offer les, instead of getting new aircraft with decent leg room, they took away the free checkons, took the meals and didnt put profits back to the planes and services. Oh not to mention the non existent service. Once you fly on a gulf carrier, you never want to fly an American carrier again.

  7. Reality check these Gulf carriers are not as dirt cheap as you claim , in most cases there is only marginal difference between ticket costs but what tips the scale in their favour is 1) Reliability 2) Service – Incase you dont realize for flyers these things are equally important.
    and talking about fairness ” Is it fair to oversell your tickets and kick out paid passengers causing them massive inconvenience because you oversold your seats “?

  8. Interesting… but it is exactly what all american airliners are doing in South American’s countries… I used to work there as Captain and that time, 30 years ago, we used to have almost 100 wide bodies planes flying abroad working for South American’s Airliners … now there are maybe 30 wide body planes all together… but we can see easily on the aprons around several countries, 4 planes from American Airlines, another 4 from Delta, another 4 from United, 4 more fro US Airways and so on… sorry… it is the same market, maybe dirt, way of work…

  9. The IGNORANCE, Arrogance and thus TOTAL DISRESPECT for the fundamentals of TRUTH in this documentary are simply ASTONISHING. WHY ?
    Qatar DOES NOT belong to the UAE. It is in fact being bullied by UAE through a Blockade.
    The American Department of Transportation has already decided AGAINST DELTA and in favor of the GULF COMPANIES.
    They then went to POTUS, just to be SENT BACK to whatever decision the American Department of Transportation had made.
    Nothing more than pos article. Just because these CEOs can’t have their premiums anymore.


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