Delta Air Lines flight DL431 flies into San Juan Airport, Puerto Rico while hurricane Irma is fast-approaching

Last Wednesday (6 September) two JetBlue aircraft and one American Airlines flight tried to approach San Juan airport but turned back. Yet Delta Air Lines DL431 from New York JFK to the Puerto Rican airport successfully landed and took off again while hurricane Irma was fast-approaching! Aviation journalist Jason Rabinowitz tweeted the entire story, impressive!

You really want to fly into SJU during a category 5 hurricane, DL431? Everyone else has turned around.

Here they go! DL302 now taxiing for takeoff before Irma gets really bad.

Takeoff! An absolutely amazing job here by Delta Air Lines forecasters, dispatchers, flight and ground crews. Full flight back up to JFK.

Now DL302 has to climb out of SJU, and they’re doing so between the outer band of Irma and the core of the storm. Amazing stuff.

Well, that’s the end of that story. DL302 is reaching the edge of Irma’s outer bands. Guess the flight crew serves lunch now…?

Funny part


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