Computer outage affects departing Delta flights


Delta Air Lines has reported that a major computer outage has affected scheduled Delta flights this morning.

A power outage in Atlanta, which began at 02:30 ET, has impacted Delta computer systems and operations worldwide, resulting in large-scale flight delays.

All flights awaiting departure were delayed. Flights that are already enroute could continue to operating normally.

The airline advised its passengers to check the status of their flights this morning while the issue was being addressed.

Today’s Delta flight DL043 out of Brussels Airport (BRU) was scheduled for a departure at 11:15 local time (LT), but was initially delayed to 13:15 LT. Later, the flight was already cancelled to 15:45 LT.

2016 08 08 - Delta 01

2016 08 08 - Delta 02

Shortly after the computer outage occured, Delta published a waiver for customers traveling on 8 August 2016 through 12 August 2016.

At 08:40 ET, Delta tweeted an update to report that the ground stop had been lifted.

08 August 2016


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