Delta Air Lines Boeing 767 suffers birdstrike after take-off Stockholm Arlanda, Sweden


On 31 May, a Delta Air Lines Boeing 767-300 (registered N191DN) operated flight DL205 between Stockholm Arlanda, Sweden and New York JFK, United States. Shortly after take-off, the aircraft stopped climbing. Police reports indicate that the aircraft suffered one or more bird impacts.

As the aircraft was fully loaded, carrying 180 passengers and crew members, the pilots then proceeded to dump fuel over the Baltic Sea before heading back to the airport of Stockholm Arlanda.

At around 11:20, one hour after initial take-off, the 767 landed back, awaited by emergency services, as a precaution.

During the morning, a distress signal also came from a SAAB JAS 39 Gripen near Uppsala, Sweden after suffering a bird strike. That aircraft also returned safely to its base. As a precaution, the maritime and air rescue center was alerted but was later able to turn back.


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