Delta Air Lines adds 460 passengers to no-fly list for not complying with face mask policy

Photo by Ani Kolleshi on Unsplash

Delta Air Lines has banned more than 400 passengers from flying for not complying with the airline’s mask policy. “As of this week, we’ve added 460 people to our no-fly list for refusing to comply with our mask requirement,” Delta CEO Ed Bastian wrote in an internal memo.

Most of the airlines, if not all, mandate that passengers wear masks during the flight to protect the health and safety of both passengers and crew members.

Health and aviation safety organisations already issued many directives highlighting the importance of a personal face mask in public places, so also at the airport and on board.

Unfortunately, the airlines are not sharing information with one another about the passengers they have banned. A banned Delta Air Lines passenger, for example, can still book a flight on another airline.



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