A Delta flight diverted because of a fight between cabin crew


The captain of a domestic Delta Air Lines flight landed urgently in Salt Lake City following a heated argument between two of the flight attendants.

The Delta Air Lines Boeing 757-200 from Los Angeles to Minneapolis was flying at 37,000 feet above Salt Lake City when a fight broke out with fists between two cabin crew. According to The Aviation Herald, the dispute concerned labour issues. A third crew intervened and would have taken punches that were not intended for him. The purser then warned the pilots in the cockpit, and the captain decided to make an emergency landing to have an explanation with his cabin crew.

The plane remained on the ground for one hoour and 10 minutes before taking off again to its final destination, which was reached with a 75 minutes delay.

Delta Air Lines has apologized to the passengers with a letter in which it stated that some of its cabin crew had not shown their best face. We expect our cabin crew to be courteous and professional at every moment, and what you have experienced was far from it,” wrote the US carrier, which said to be  ‘sorry’ for not living up to this commitment on that day.

Delta Air Lines Boeing 757-232 N703TW



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