Special arrival at Brussels Airport: a Deerjet Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner BBJ

© Luca Pallemaerts

Spotters alert this Sunday morning at Brussels Airport with a special arrival: a Deerjet Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner BBJ, coming from Asturias Airport in Oviedo with the call sign ANGOLA1.

The aircraft, registered 2-DEER, can host 40 passengers in an exclusive setting. It’s the first Boeing 787-8 that has been specifically designed as a BBJ and -to our knowledge- the first arrival of this aircraft at a Belgian airport.

This exclusive Boeing 787-8 BBJ is operated by Chinese aviation company Deerjet and wasn’t exactly cheap: the base Boeing 787-8 carries a list price of $224.6 million, and another $100 million with the luxurious modifications.

In case you are thinking about a city-trip with your friends, you can rent the aircraft for $200,000 per flight hour 😉 You can already start dreaming by watching this Facebook movie:

© Luca Pallemaerts
© AarjenP (Aviation24.be forum)
© Wouter Cooremans
© Mattoe Lamberts (via forum)


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