A dog gets EU261/2004 compensation over cancelled flight


On 14 January 2020, Danish Air Transport flight DX1825 from Palermo to Pantelleria, to be operated by an ATR72, was cancelled for unknown reasons.

One passenger filed an EU261 claim for compensation for himself and his dog named Jack. And for the first time in history, the compensation has been awarded for a dog.

Let’s hope the dog will get some extra biscuits!


  1. How about the fact that the Director-General of the trade union or whatever the European Regions Airline Association is calling passengers who claim compensation “greedy”. That should make the news also. Shameless.

  2. Ms. Barriga would do well to understand EU261, as she calls it.
    All passengers with the correct documentation have the same entitlements, nowhere does it encourage discrimination based on physical appearance.
    Perhaps Montserrat should leave her dog eat dog world behind and just let sleeping dogs lie?


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