[Coronavirus] A Luxembourg passenger arriving from Italy at Charleroi Airport has been tested positive – New case in Belgium


On 1st March, Belgian newspapers report that a Luxembourg passenger who arrived at Brussels South Charleroi Airport has been tested positive. The airport announces it increases its alert level to the third phase.

A 40-year old passenger from Luxembourg who landed at Charleroi from Italy caused the alert level at the airport to increase. The airport said that it was opening a crisis centre and was retracing the path of the infected passenger and identifying anyone who had been in contact with the person. Belgian authorities have taken contact with Luxembourg ones for that purpose. The man has been quarantined with his family in a Luxembourg hospital.

The airport is also waiting for instructions coming from the Belgian Federal Ministry of Public Health, to possibly take decisions on the national level.

At the Belgian level, indeed, a female patient has been hospitalised in Antwerp with moderate symptoms of the disease after she came back from a contaminated area in France. This is the second confirmed case in Belgium after a man returning from Wuhan on a HiFly A380 repatriation flight: he tested positive to the coronavirus, but never developed the disease.  Furthermore, a 39-year old female Spanish traveller who spent several days in Belgium was taken to a hospital in a serious condition in Spain after she tested positive to Covid-19 and developed a double pneumonia.

The 15 Belgians who were confined to their hotel in Tenerife last week, returned home on Friday without the need for further quarantine.


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