From Berlin to Turkey: 9 destinations with 5 airlines


Turkey ranks as one of the most popular travel destination from Berlin – last year, around 275,000 passengers on over 9,800 flights from Schönefeld and Tegel flew to the country on the Bosporus strait. Regarding passenger numbers, Turkey is in seventh place and as a result is among the top 10 travel destinations from Berlin. Airlines have massively expanded their offerings to Turkey from the Berlin Schönefeld and Tegel airports and take off to a total of nine Turkish holiday destinations.

Multifaceted Holidays in Turkey

Türkische Rivera

Heavenly beautiful beaches, lively cities and diverse landscapes with high mountains and green valleys: Turkey is considered a travel destination rich in variety with good weather guaranteed for the summer holidays. The hospitality and Turkish cuisine are famous far beyond the country’s borders. Ancient buildings and ruins still bear witness to its ancient history to this day. In short: A holiday in Turkey offers many facets and is often cheaper than other European countries on the Mediterranean.

A total of nine Turkish destinations with five airlines

From Berlin, there are currently a total of nine Turkish destinations conveniently available. The flight plan includes popular classic holiday destinations on the Turkish Riviera and the Turkish Aegean Sea as well as attractive city destinations and locations off the beaten path.

The Turkish Riviera

Strand an der türkischen Rivera

Heavenly beaches, crystal clear water – the Turkish Riviera is the perfect destination for a classic seaside holiday, especially for families with small children. Water sports enthusiasts can explore spectacular diving spots and beautiful sailing areas here. Pegasus Airlines, Onus Air and Corendon fly to Antalya from Schönefeld and Turkish Airlines, Sunexpress and Corendon fly there from Tegel. Take off to Gazipasa with Corendon from Tegel.

If you are looking for inspiration on the Turkish Riviera, the best fitting seaside resort or just some tips on travel planning and all the essentials for your stay here, then we recommend these blogs:

The Turkish Aegean Sea

Izmir / Türkische Ägäis

On the Turkish Aegean Sea, culture and beach holidays can be perfectly combined. The turquoise coves provide rest and romance, while trips to the Myra rock tombs and the ancient ruins of Olympos give an insight into the past. The picturesque countryside is ideal for hiking with quiet mountain villages and beautiful paths through the Taurus Mountains. Turkish Airlines and Sunexpress fly to Izmir from Tegel, and Sunexpress also offers weekly flights to Dalaman from Tegel.

These blogs provide detailed, practical and inspiring information about the travel destinations, trips and holidays on the Turkish Aegean Sea:

Turkish city destinations


Both modern and traditional, centuries-old palaces, mosques and minarets, lively bazaars, Islamic art and hip clubs – Turkish cities offer a fascinating mix of East and West. Fly to Istanbul with Pegasus Airlines from Schönefeld and with Turkish Airlines from Tegel. Take off to the capital Ankara with Turkish Airlines and Sunexpress from Tegel. Adana, Turkey’s fifth largest city, is on the flight plan of Pegasus Airlines from Schönefeld and Turkish Airlines from Tegel.

Istanbul, Ankara, Adana? So which one to choose? If you can’t decide between these fascinating cities, then you should read a little more here. Or simply visit one city after another – from Berlin, it’s no problem.

Off the beaten path


With Trabzon on the Turkish Black Sea coast and Gaziantep in south-east Anatolia, there are two Turkish destinations that are rather off the beaten path on the Berlin flight plan. Gaziantep is famous for its particularly tasty pistachios – whether in the sweet baklava pastries, on Turkish pizza or in stews – in Gaziantep, you can find them everywhere. Trabzon is a seaside resort on the Black Sea which offers lively bazaars, Roman bridges and old city walls. Take off to both destination from Tegel with Turkish Airlines.

Turkish destinations: at a glance

From Berlin-Schönefeld

  • Pegasus Airlines to Adana, Antalya, Gaziantep and Istanbul
  • Onur Air to Antalya
  • Corendon to Antalya

From Berlin-Tegel

  • Corendon to Antalya and Gazipasa
  • Turkish Airlines to Adana, Ankara, Antalya, Gaziantep, Istanbul, Izmir and Trabzon
  • Sunexpress to Izmir, Antalya, Ankara and Dalaman


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