[Coronavirus] Corendon repatriates approximately 1,000 holidaymakers from the Canary Islands


Corendon has decided today to repatriate all its holidaymakers in the Canary Islands as soon as possible. To this end, extra flights will be used tonight and tomorrow to Amsterdam and Brussels. Corendon’s decision is the result of the far-reaching measures that the Spanish government is now taking. In addition, it is expected that the Spanish government will soon impose entry and exit restrictions or even close its borders completely. The holidaymakers on the spot were informed of the decision by text and email. Corendon’s tour guides on the various islands accompany the repatriation.

Steven van der Heijden, CEO Corendon: “The Spanish local authorities have introduced very strict measures in recent days. Restaurants, terraces and bars are closed, holidaymakers are not allowed to leave their hotel and fines are issued if holidaymakers show up on the street for no valid reason. These are no longer circumstances that suit a carefree sun holiday. In addition, we often get the question from the holidaymakers themselves whether they can return home earlier. And we understand that very well. That is why we had to make the decision to bring all holidaymakers in the Canary Islands back to the Netherlands and Belgium as soon as possible. The repatriation starts tonight.”

Monday, March 16, 2020


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