Corendon is the first Dutch airline to introduce cashless flying


Corendon Dutch Airlines is now operating its flights completely cashless. Corendon accepts PIN, credit cards, Apple Pay and Samsung Pay and with these wearables, you can also pay contactless. This makes Corendon Dutch Airlines the first Dutch airline on which passengers pay completely cashless onboard. From the current winter season, cashless payment applies to all flights of Corendon Dutch Airlines.

The benefits of cashless flying

Cashless payments were tested during flights to Macedonia last summer. The results were very positive, both for customers and for the company itself. Cashless payment has the advantage for customers and airlines of easier payment and faster and more efficient service on board. An additional advantage for Corendon is that it is safer for staff since there is no longer any transport of values and debit card payments are less prone to error.

Lijnden, November 14, 2019


  1. How does this differ from Air Canada which has only accepted credit cards on-board for quite a while?

  2. As far as I know, Air Canada is not a Dutch airline! The title says everything: Corendon is the first Dutch airline to introduce cashless, before KLM and TUI Netherlands.


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