Corendon expands considerably at Maastricht-Aachen airport, aiming at the Belgian market


Corendon topman Atilay Uslu announced it in July. He wants to help Maastricht Aachen Airport grow. With fourteen holiday flights a week and ten destinations, he keeps his promise.

The details were not published until today, but it is clear that Corendon’s summer schedule is going to expand considerably in Beek: from six flights and three destinations a week (Antalya, Heraklion, Faro) to fourteen flights and ten destinations.

The cities to be flown are mainly in the Mediterranean. Corendon is traditionally strong on Spain, Greece and Turkey. However, the range has now been extended to Northern Cyprus, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Tunisia, The Gambia, Egypt, Israel, Portugal, Morocco, Indonesia and Curaçao.

During a working visit to the airport in Beek in July, topman Atilay Uslu gave an idea of an exclusive destination for Maastricht Aachen Airport. For example, Sicily. It is an exclusivity in the sense that Corendon does not fly that route from another Dutch airport. He also said he wanted to station one or more aircraft in Limburg. Whether that will happen will be clarified next week.

Free parking
Uslu wants to serve mainly the Belgian market from Limburg. Currently, the Belgians occupy about half of the aircraft seats from Maastricht Aachen Airport. Uslu sees opportunities for the airport. “A quick check-in, smooth customs, free parking for our customers, no stress. For a departure from Schiphol, you must plan 5 hours travel and wait time,” he said in an interview. Beek aims at the expansion of some 200,000 passengers in 2018.


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