Congo Airways will launch first international flights to Johannesburg and Dubai in 2018


Another good news is that Congo Airways’ share capital has been increased from $75 million to $117 million.

The first international commercial flights of Congo Airways (IATA: 8Z; ICAO: CGA) will be bound for South Africa and Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates, Director General Désiré Balazire announced at the end of October 2017, during a demonstration in the margin of commemoration of two years of existence of the public airline.

Congo Airways currently has a fleet of five aircraft including two Airbus A320s (9S-ALU “Patrice-Emery Lumumba” and 9S-AKD “M’zee Laurent-Désiré Kabila”) and two Bombardier Q400s (9S-AKV “Kimpa Vita” and 9S-AAN “Anuarite Nengzapeta”), acquired from the government’s own funds after a financial package involving companies and public institutions including the Multimodal Freight Management Office, Ogefrem, and the National Institute of Social Security, INSS. The fifth plane is a Boeing 737-800 (ET-APK) whose leasing contract from Ethiopian Airways was concluded last year.

DG Balazire said the company’s activities have made considerable progress in 2016. Congo Airways has transported nearly 203,000 passengers. The company plans to cross the symbolic threshold of 250,000 passengers for 2017, with a projection of 266,000 passengers.

Congo Airways is currently serving 12 destinations throughout the Democratic Republic of Congo.


Source: Bendele Ekweya Te B-E-T and


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