A sex scandal at German airline Condor: pilots are sharing videos and pictures of flight attendants


A scandal at German airline Condor: the management heard stories that its pilots were sharing videos and pictures of female flight attendants engaging in sex acts with other colleagues on-board flights.

In an internal mail send already in June the management urged that the staff could be dismissed should images emerge and that it is a criminal offence if acts aboard flights endanger passengers. The airline threatened pilots that they could face a two-year jail sentence.

We have learned that within the pilot group, some colleagues are secretly taking photos and / or video recordings of female colleagues who show the affected persons in clear sexual acts.

The airline told German magazine Focus: “We are looking into the case and we will start disciplinary and legal measures if we discover something suspicious.

The holiday airline started in 1956 and flies to 80 destinations across Europe, America, Africa and Asia. It’s the first time in its existence that the airline has issued such a warning.

First appeared in Focus: http://www.focus.de/panorama/welt/bilder-oeffentlich-gezeigt-sex-affaere-beim-ferienflieger-condor_id_7594828.html



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