CMA CGM AIR CARGO expands its commercial offer by launching three new destinations from Liege Airport: Dubai, Beirut & Istanbul

  • Three new destinations: Dubai, Beirut, Istanbul.
  • Seven destinations served: Chicago, Atlanta, New York, Liège, Dubai, Beirut and Istanbul.
  • CMA CGM AIR CARGO offers complete and agile solutions to the Group’s customers.

The CMA CGM Group, a world leader in shipping and logistics, is accelerating the development of CMA CGM AIR CARGO, its air freight division, by adding three new destinations: Dubai, Beirut and Istanbul. They will complement its existing Airbus A330-200F-operated services to and from Liège, Chicago, New York and Atlanta.

Three new destinations expanding CMA CGM AIR CARGO’s offer

Two months after its first air freight services were launched, CMA CGM AIR CARGO is now introducing regular connections between Liège (LGG) and Dubai (DWC) from May 19. Dubai is a hub ideally located at the crossroads between Europe, Asia and Africa, and it possesses all the latest infrastructure for handling goods requiring short transit times rapidly and reliably.

With its services to Dubai, the CMA CGM Group can also provide its customers with a combined Sea-Air offer comprising shipping, logistics and air freight. That will give them the benefit of an end-to-end, agile full-service offering.

CMA CGM AIR CARGO also plans to start up regular services from Liège to Beirut (BEY) and Istanbul (IST) over the next few weeks. From its Liège base, CMA CGM AIR CARGO will offer rapid connection times between these new destinations and the United States.

ECS Group, the world leader in commercial air freight services, will be in charge of selling capacity on CMA CGM AIR CARGO’s services to all its destinations.

CMA CGM is pressing ahead with its strategic development in logistics

CMA CGM AIR CARGO represents a major new component of the CMA CGM Group in both operational and commercial terms. It is also a new milestone in the Group’s strategic development, with the aim of providing Group customers with a complementary range of services covering both shipping and logistics.

Xavier Eiglier, Executive Vice President CMA CGM AIR CARGO, stated: “With the introduction of these three new destinations, CMA CGM AIR CARGO will be able to offer a broader range of services to meet our customers’ needs. Strategically located at the crossroads between several continents, these new destinations will help speed up CMA CGM AIR CARGO’s development. As we demonstrated recently by shipping humanitarian relief from France to India, CMA CGM AIR CARGO enables the Group to deliver even more agile, full-service solutions to meet the most urgent needs.



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