Russian planemaker Irkut may buy back six CityJet Superjet SSJ 100 aircraft, four of which were wet-leased to Brussels Airlines


Irkut Corporation may buy back Superjet SSJ-100 aircraft, which the only European operator, the Irish CityJet, has refused. The aircraft were delivered to CityJet on lease for 12 years under the guarantee of residual value from the manufacturer.

The enthusiasm did not last long. CityJet took its six Superjet 100 out of service as early as 2019. They were too prone to breakdowns and the service was too poor. Since then, the Irish regional airline has been looking for buyers for the six aircraft, without success. The six City Jet planes bear the serial numbers 95102, 95105, 95108, 95111, 95117, 9511. Four of them were wet-leased to Brussels Airlines, which had often to cancel or delay flights because of malfunctions.

If the buyback takes place, the planes will be transferred to Russian airlines, which will be able to receive government subsidies for their leasing.

Russian newspaper Kommersant first divulged the news after getting acquainted with the letter of the Director of the Regional Aircraft branch of Irkut Corporation Oleg Gulyaev to the Deputy General Director of the United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) for economics and finance, Alexei Demidov. The document says that Irkut wants to buy back six SSJ 100s used by the Irish airline CityJet. The letter, dated January 21, was originally posted on the Angle of Attack Telegram channel.


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