China Southern Airlines passenger throws coins into engine for “good luck” and “to pray for safety”


An 80 year old Chinese woman threw coins into the engine of a China Southern Airlines aircraft, the passenger named Qiu was taken away by police. After investigation she said that she threw the coins for “good luck” and “to pray for safety”.

China Southern maintenance was forced to conduct a full exam of the engine, delaying the flight with 5 hours. One coin was found inside the engine.

According to The Straits Times Chinese air travellers have earned a notorious reputation for disregarding air safety in recent years, with their shenanigans including opening emergency doors to deboard quickly and assaulting cabin crew.

Editorial note: please don’t throw coins in an aircraft engine, keep them for the Trevi Fountain in Rome 😉

By FelipeBusnello (talk) – FelipeBusnello (talk), Public Domain, Link


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