First China-made ARJ21 aircraft of China Southern Airlines officially put into commercial operation

The first China-made ARJ21 aircraft of China Southern Airlines was officially put into commercial operation on July 15th, 2020. Photographer: Guan Chao

Flight CZ3898 with a full passenger load took off from Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport and flew to Jieyang Chaoshan International Airport at 09:42 on July 15th, 2020, marking the official start of a new journey for commercial operation of the first China-made ARJ21 aircraft of China Southern Airlines. According to the fleet development plan, it was estimated that the size of ARJ21 aircraft fleet of China Southern Airlines would reach 35 by 2024.

Before the departure of the inaugural flight, a brief inaugural flight ceremony was held at Baiyun Airport. Many officials attended the ceremony and congratulated China Southern Airlines on the successful inaugural flight of the first ARJ21 aircraft.

Tickets for inaugural flight sell well, and the new model of aircraft is extremely popular.

It is reported that the enthusiasm of passengers to try a ride on China-made ARJ21 aircraft is very high. The tickets for Flight CZ3898 of the inaugural flight were sold out in just a few days after selling is started on June 18th, and the sales speed and passenger load factor were far beyond those of other models on the same route, which is a huge hit. In addition, the passenger load factor of the flight operated by ARJ21 aircraft from Guangzhou to Jieyang had exceeded 70% within three days from July 16th to 18th.

On the same day, in order to celebrate the official launch of its first ARJ21 aircraft into commercial operation, China Southern Airlines carefully prepared the inaugural flight ceremony and set up a photo area with ARJ21 characteristics in the terminal building for passengers to take selfies. The cabin of ARJ21 aircraft is specially decorated. Both the bright Five-Starred Red Flag and the characteristic collocation of elements themed with “here comes ARJ” in the cabin highlighted the special significance of the inaugural flight.

In order to make passengers experience the safe, comfortable and smooth service of China-made aircraft, China Southern Airlines also set up a special check-in counter in the check-in area on the day of the inaugural flight, and assigned business backbones on-site to assist passengers to quickly go through the procedures such check-in, consignment and health declaration, guide passengers to board the aircraft in an orderly manner and ensure that the aircraft door is closed on time. As passengers boarded the aircraft one after another, the flight attendants presented a beautiful souvenir of inaugural flight to each passenger. Before the aircraft took off, the flight attendants introduced the features and operation of ARJ21 aircraft for passengers in detail.

Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. This is your captain speaking. On behalf of the crew, let me extend a very warm welcome to all of you who have chosen to take the inaugural flight of the first ARJ21 aircraft of China Southern Airlines from Guangzhou to Jieyang. ARJ21 aircraft is a new type of turbofan regional jet independently developed by China and owning independent intellectual property right. Today, the first ARJ21 aircraft of China Southern Airlines will officially start a new journey for commercial operation with missions and dreams.” After the aircraft entered level flight, Captain Chen Fan welcomed the passengers on the inaugural flight with a distinctive captain’s announcement.

Many passengers also took photos in the cabin. Madam Wang, a passenger, told the reporter: “When I heard that a China-made passenger aircraft would operate a flight to Chaoshan area, my hometown, I immediately bought a ticket for this flight. I can go home and then fly back to Guangzhou on the same day. I am very happy and very proud of this experience!

Careful preparation and arrangement are made, and a safe and comfortable flight experience is gained.

ARJ21 aircraft is a new type of turbofan regional jet independently developed by China and owning independent intellectual property right. After being introduced by China Southern Airlines, the first ARJ21 aircraft has successfully completed emergency drills, verification flights and flight training; and China Southern Airlines has completed the work such as operation standard formulation, manual revision and personnel training, which effectively improves the flight, maintenance and route support capabilities of the ARJ21 aircraft of China Southern Airlines, and successfully obtained operational approval from authorities, which provides strong support for the safe and efficient operation of the passenger aircraft.

The cabin layout and interiors of the ARJ21 aircraft of China Southern Airlines are custom-designed according to its own unique needs. Compared with other regional aircraft on the same route in the market, it has obvious comfort characteristics. The aircraft is in all economy-class cabin configuration with seats for 90 passengers, and the seats are arranged with two on the left and three on the right of the aisle in each row. The aisle is relatively spacious, with a width of 19 inches, so there is still room left and the aisle will not be blocked when the meal cart is passing through. Each seat is 17 inches wide, making it more spacious and more comfortable. The fore-and-aft clearance of the seats is 31 inches, which is the same as that of the seats in economy class on mainstream wide-body aircraft. When a front seat is reclined backwards, the lower end of the seat will move forward automatically, ensuring a relatively spacious seating space for a rear seat occupant. In addition, the rear part of each row of seats on the aircraft is equipped with USB charging ports, which are convenient for passengers to charge electronic devices.

Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area is connected, and ARJ21 aircraft helps China Southern Airlines build “Guangzhou-Beijing” dual hub.

Relevant officials of China Southern Airlines introduced that the first ARJ21 aircraft was put into operation on the route of Guangzhou-Jieyang, which was a concrete action of China Southern Airlines to serve the construction of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and Shenzhen pilot demonstration area, and would provide a convenient air passage for Guangdong to accelerate the construction of the new regional development pattern of “one core, one belt and one area”. It is reported that in the early stage of operation, China Southern Airlines will deploy ARJ21 aircraft at its headquarters in Guangzhou for operation. At the same time, China Southern Airlines will give full play to its advantages of large fleet operation support and networked market, and strive to ensure good support, good operation and good development of ARJ21 aircraft.

In the future, according to the range and economic efficiency of the aircraft, China Southern Airlines will continue to expand the regional market, gradually deploy ARJ21 aircraft to Beijing Daxing International Airport for operation, expand the service scope of Guangzhou-Beijing dual hub, and continuously optimize and improve the reliability and economy of China-made commercial aircraft, in order to promote the economic and social development and provide more convenience for travellers.

The first China-made ARJ21 aircraft of China Southern Airlines was officially put into commercial operation on July 15th, 2020. Courtesy China Southern Airlines


  1. Chinese r daredevil creators of anything everything ,then put to use without realizing safety factors .their only aim that they can create just abt anything from pin to aircraft
    While others take time to create ,achieve perfection then after several trial errors then come with finally tested product which will passed all world standards this is actual way to go about in manufacturing ,before launching the final product to market..

  2. Congratulations to China Southern Airlines and COMAC for the successful inaugural flight of the ARJ21. Wishing them good luck and much success in the years to come

  3. Great job, made in China , I know one day I will fly in it too, bravo continue with that vision and iam sure many surprises are coming for the world who will laiter realise China is not a joke.

  4. Congratulations, ARJ21.

    It is apparent that Srinath Kaushik GR had no knowledge at all but commented on the ARJ21 with a very negative attitude towards the Chinese. The ARJ21 project started in 2002 and the manufacture of the first aircraft was completed in 2007. It has gone 13 years of tests and improvements and now the model has all the fly certificates in the world to fly as commercual passanger aircrafts.

  5. The whole world needs to and GOT boycott China and Chinese products, These Communists are ruthless and have no empathy at all.

    All Coronaviruses have been established by the Chinese, with inhumane and barbaric practices. Yet they still continue to do everything with thier life practices.

    Please do not give them a chance.
    And start from not purchasing any products that are made in China.

  6. Zia Rehman just got it wrong, China could be the best friends of the world, medical experts very much know the every year and some specific months we experience some health issues to some levels , like flue ,cough, skin rashes etc , over 100 years ago we had serious flue that kill many people in spain and other areas of the world,
    we live with all this diseases in our body what matters is the level that the body can contain.
    in some cases it can go to the extreme that is why we have corona today, not created by china.
    secondly china is a friend to all class of people, Europe denied us some many things like phones, radio, watches televisions , because of china friendly act today even a poor person in the village can afford a phone, television, radios etc compared to the exorbitant charges those items would cost from Europe . people like you have never or not visited China otherwise compared to the west, you would have a lot to worry about
    Bravo China for this great passenger airplane inventory iam sure you have many more serious surprises in the offing

  7. We must admire China for their hard work to catch up with the other industrial world. Encourage and be encouraged and not shout from the roof top and be unwell.

  8. McDonnell Douglass RIP-OFF! Is this the reason the government has America SCARED with the covid-19 HYPE? It’s all a numbers game, smart people know it’s all a lie….slight of hand to cover up something? Is this it? Airline companies want to save $ by any means necessary.
    So does this mean that they are going to buy CHEAP Chinese aircraft? Try to put American companies out of business ONCE AGAIN??
    Wake up people! No congratulations for China! Mark my words, wait and see what happens. When Americans are slaves to China, and forced into socialism. Hopefully I’ll be gone!
    Americans are so ignorant, they CAN’T SEE the wool that’s being pulled over their eyes!!
    China manufacturing AIRCRAFT is a JOKE!
    They WANT population control, what better way to have it? Oops lost another airplane with 200 people….this RIDICULOUS AND SCARY!!!

  9. This is more safe than B737 max which slaughtered over 350 people while it was a brand new aircraft. China started using ARJ21 planes over like two years ago without losing a single aircraft, people should change their mindset and mediocrity thinking towards China, this country has taken over the leadership of the world from the US of A ! China is here to stay let’s accept it, remember if you can’t beat them, just join them, period !

  10. Another pathetic thing from CHINA. I bet it will crash within a month ??. Bcz Chinese products are too low in quality and standards. India will fuck you very soon. Whole world is suffering from covid- 19 due these Chinese basters??

  11. Wow an awfully inaccurate article. Was it written by the party? Comfortable 17inch wide seats? From the same people complain about 17.3inch seats on Emirates and such. A DC9 with a new Russian wing is a great IP achievement… Could go on…


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