China Eastern Boeing 777-300ER loses piece of spoiler and adjacent panel on left wing; safely returns to New York’s JFK airport


On 12 August, A China Eastern Boeing 777-300ER (B-2005) operated flight MU588 between New York JFK Airport, United States and Shanghai, China. After departure, the pilots reported that a piece of spoiler and adjacent panel got detached from the left wing. The flight entered a holding pattern to dump fuel and subsequently returned to JFK airport for a safe landing.

Several passengers noticed the missing part of the wing shortly after takeoff,” said Hou Yangfang, a history professor with Fudan University who was on board. They immediately warned the crew, Hou said to the Shanghai Daily.

A photo taken by a passenger showed a piece of the spoiler on the left wing of the aircraft was missing. Some interior parts of the wing were exposed.

The airline confirmed the incident and said that another flight would be arranged soon. Around 300 passengers have been accommodated without giving further information.


  1. I can’t see very well from that angle but it looks like the side of airbrake? How does that happen? Did it hit something? Highly unlikely or is it maintenance? It’ll be interesting to hear the bottom of the story.


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