Brussels as new destination for Cathay Pacific ? (Next to Copenhagen and Dublin)

Today Cathay Pacific Airways launched an online quiz on Facebook (see movie below) with hints to their three new destinations, some members of our forum think they solved the mistery and disclosed Copenhagen, Brussels and Dallas as future destinations.

On the Cathay Pacific Airways Facebook page:

Guess our new destinations by the different coloured beers and win!


We’re excited to be adding a number of new destinations to our international network. But can you guess which ones, based on the different coloured beers in this video? Those who guess correctly and explain why they want to go there have the chance to win a pair of round-trip Economy tickets to that exciting new destination*. Limit of one destination per entry.


*Terms and Conditions:

One member comments in our forum: “One is starting with a B and is counting 8 letters, the other 2 are starting with a C and a D and counting 10 and 6 letters respectively…”, another member responds with: “Apparently it’s Copenhagen, Brussels and Dallas. Not sure what Dallas has to do with beer but a leaked memo on another site lists these three.

If Cathay Pacific Airways effectively starts flying between Hong Kong and Brussels, it would mean a serious blow for Air Belgium, which is planning Hong Kong as first destination.

Forum discussion:


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